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Will it Hurt Glynne Davies

Em F Em F
She whispered 'will it hurt me?' 'Of course it wont' said he
Em F G
First time is the worst you know But you’ll be safe with me
She said 'I'm very frightened, I've not had It before'
My friend has had it several times, and said it can be sore

Think of England, lay back and close your eyes
Take no notice what your parents say, just dream and fanaticise

His probing was rather painful,
Tears formed in her eyes
It was hurting now, quite a bit,
it must have been the size
'Calm yourself' he whispered,
his face filled with a grin'
'Try and open wider, love
so I can get it in'

'It's coming now' he whispered
'I know' she cried in bliss,
Feeling it deep within her now
Ou! 'I'm glad I'm having this'
And then the final effort
she gave a frightened shout
He grabbed it in anguish
and quickly pulled it out

She lay back quite contented,
sighed, and gave a smile
She said 'I'm glad I came now,
you made it worth my while'
Now if you heard correctly
the dentist you will find
Is not what you imagined
It's just your dirty mind !!

Pure Country Air (Glynne Davies)

I’ve camped around Castleton, hiked over Mam Tor
Tramped peat bogs on Kinder and liked what I saw
Sang songs as I’ve rambled and told a few jokes
Relaxed in the Pure Country Air

C F Am
We work in the city, in village or town
The pressures tremendous were mentally run down
C F Am
Drive cars in the traffic and rush here and there
My way of relaxing is the Pure Country Air


You go to the doctors it’s migraine again
Prescriptions are made out to relieve the pain
Leave drugs to the junkies get out when its fair
Up into the country to breath the pure air

You walk in the country on ridge walk or path
Look down on the city, its no time to laugh
You’re free from the bustle, the pressure, the pace
But where is it going this inhuman race


Last verse Chorus as verse


When you are with me, I am Complete Glynne Davies

Am C
There is something missing when you’re not around
My thoughts are with you, but there is no heartbeat sound
Em Am C
Time passes slowly, I wish you were here
F G Am
I need to be with you, my lover, my dear.


Sit next to me I want you by my side
My feelings for you I just can not hide
A slight touch of your skin and my heart goes upbeat
When you are with me, I am Complete

Until our next meeting, I wait for the day
When I can hold you, fondle, kiss you and play
Be young again as desire turns me on
I wake up from dreaming, all emotions gone.

It’s nearing the day, that I will see you again
Times almost stopped, memories flooding my brain
Will chance play it’s part will you be with another
Or will this be the day you take me as your lover..

Ch. then first verse

The Rape Contract Glynne Davies Tune Nightingale (with two chouruses)

As I was a walking one morning in May
I spied a young couple down in the young hay
He had his fiddle out and was trying with great tact
For a tune he would play her if she signed the contract

And they both sat down together love on their outdoor coats
Rape contracts they must be signed before getting his oats
But lawyers are hard to find it’s their busy season spring
So the’ll just had to sit right there and hear the Nightingale sing.

Will they kiss so sweet and comforting will they cling to each others
Or will it be platonic, like sisters and brothers
Arm in along the road, no chance of a Fling
Sitting there doing sweet FA, no Nightingale sing.


From out of his napsack the contract he drew out
Ten Pound of the legal fees, before shedding a clout
The lawyer said this contact was a licence to commit sin
But they could have it free, if he could join in

So the fiddler he looked at me and I looked at him
Want a verbal contract witness I said with a grin
There’s no charge to witness but I’ll stay for the fun
Now Peepin Toms are needed, hey that’s a new one.

So this couple they got married and soon went to bed
And with the marriage contract, he took her maidenhead
Each night when she fancies it, she signs her consent.
But when she’s finished the Safety on the Job forms, his ardour is spent.

Now the sales, of asprin, has fallen off fast
To play such a merry tune, is a thing of the past
Headaches no more excuse, it’s a passion killer, when
He’s no lead in his pencil, she’s no ink in her pen.


Signs of growing old (Glynne Davies)

Am F
Beware of the signs of your twilight years
G Em Am
When it feels like the morning after but not had a beer
Am F
You while away the time in your favourite armchair
G Em Am
Stick your teeth into a steak, and they stay there

Am F
Eyesight's fading, body aching
G Em Am
Hearing fails, you’re getting frail.

You join a health club, but don’t bother to go
Send money for charity to the Terry Wogan show
You sit in a rocking chair but cant make it rock
Look forward to bedtime at about seven O’Clock

Eyesight's fading, ...

You go to bed early but cant sleep till morning
Remember the past vividly but not what you’re doing
Look forward to a dull night in, the TV to view
Reclusive, you’re back goes out more than you do

Eyesight's fading, ...

Everything hurts, what doesn’t, doesn’t work
And you prefer a Lada instead of a Merc
Your house is too big, your medicine chest too small
And everyone around you seems to be so tall

Eyesight's fading, ...

Your just want to live to be a grumpy old fool
To do what you want and break all the rules
To be obnoxious, awkward and from urine you smell
And just for a change give your kids hell

Eyesight's fading, ...


The Lakes, Glynne Davies


From Windermere to Bassenthwaite

Ullswater to Ennerdale

The beauty of the English lakes

Is this the Holy Grail


Walk high in the hills on Striding Edge

On High Street and Skiddaw

Up Scafell Pike, trudge up Great Gable

The views will have you in ewe.

Walk over some of the lower hills
Like Longgrigg fell and Wansfield Pike
Look down the valleys to the lakes
The reward for your easy hike.

The crystal clear waters of Thirlmere
The man made beauty of Tarn Hows
The shear cliffs plunging into Wast Water
The wildlife, sheep and cows.

The flooded Mardale, Haweswater
Rydal Water and Grassmere
Lowes Water, Crummock, Buttermere
The steamer at Conniston pier.

Esthwater and Ellterwater
Up in the Langdale vale
Magnificent the scenery
And the forests of Grizedale

Man has tended this area well
Planted a variety of trees
Enhanced the natural beauty
For us all to see.

Winter Days Remembered (Glynne Davies)

D Em
The days are short and you dress up well
The winter is here for another spell
D C Em
No leaves on the trees and it’s started to freeze
Em Bm D Am
Childhood memories, that you longing to tell.

Oh Cold Winter, Oh Dark Winter
G Am C D
Oh Cold Winter, Oh Dark Winter


Its just past new year, one cloud covers the sky
It’s cold but not freezing, expectancies high
So quiet that you know, its going to snow
The flakes start to fall and stay where they lie.

Oh Cold ….

It snows and it snows althrough the night
When you wake in the morning it is ever so bright
The ground is just white, no sharp edges in sight
A lazy sun appears, with no heat, just light

Oh Cold ….

The glee from the children as they play in the snow
Sledging, Snowman making and snowballs to throw
Sparkling and glimmering, indoors warming and shivering
These are the winters, I remember, you know.

Oh Cold ….

Unsatisfying Blues Glynne Davies

When I work up this morning, a pounding in my head
Gasping for a cigarette, my feet like lumps of lead
Am F C
My eyes like slits in blankets, my eyesight just a fog
Must get down to public house for that hair of the dog.

C Am F G C
I got those self hating, unsatisfying blues X 2

I walked down to the crossroads a pain still in my liver
Walked past the devil on the track, and down to the river
I learned the blues when doing time, and I been through the mill
10 long years behind them bars, for a man I didn't kill

I got those self hating, unsatisfying blues X 2

My woman left me yesterday, when we met she had depression
She said the blues I sang, relaxed her, and reduce her aggression
Three days we were together, I thought I was her idol
But depression turned to loathing, and now she’s suicidal.

I got those self hating, unsatisfying blues X 2

I feel as low as my moods go, a deep hole I cant climb out
My cars broke down, at a garage in town, how will I get about
I got blues on blues, have to hitch a ride, must be moving on
I am going to the blues festival, up on highway sixty one

I got those self hating, unsatisfying blues X 2

So whenever your feeling happy and contented with your life
Whenever your having great times with the girlfriend, or the wife
Pick up a guitar and sing the blues, let misery begin
After all, your not here to enjoy yourself, let the blues get in.

I got those self hating, unsatisfying blues X 3

Water it Down Glynne Davies

It’s binge drinking Britain, alcoholic proof
F G C Am
Too strong for the people, especially the youth
F G Em Am
So add plenty of water, the scam will be missed
Big profits from water, from those who get pissed (drunk)

Too strong by far, not what you need
F G C Am
A lower strength now, is what they plead
F G Em Am
Sell less Calories, profits good for the town
Take lashings of water, and Water it Down.

Why sell meat when you can sell H2O
Inject water it into the meat they’ll never know
Less meat for your pound that’ll help with your pounds
So reduce peoples weight and Water it Down.

Use a flavour enhancer, salt, to boost up the taste
Then add twice as much water to reduce dieters waist
The instant calorie reducer, that’s corporation pop
Higher profits, add more water, but when will it stop.

For ultimate profits, lets sell water neat
Water in a bottle, Oh that’s surely a treat
Almost free from a tap, so lets sex it up
No calorie mobile liquid nectar, to put in your cup

Now there’s money flowing into every bank
Although there’s a water shortage in every tank
Were running out of water say MPs with a frown
Well, take lashings of water and Water it Down.

Wendy Bendy Glynne Davies Cappo 5th Fret

When she was two she started anew and she joined a contortionist club
With her supple joints, she used to win points, used her feet to give her backbone a rub
She practiced the splits, performed easy back flips, sucked her toe instead of her thumb
It was never any trouble to bend herself double, the career of Wendy Bendy had begun.

She loved entertaining, she even liked training, it set her body all of a glow
She never missed an act, that was a fact, bent over backwards to put on a show
Her communication was contortion, her speaking was awful, put her foot in her mouth, so to speak
Her name it was Wendy, she is ever so bendy, they called her Wendy Bendy the freak.


Discovered at eight at the rose queenie fate, had trophies that covered the shelf
She’d do all the ticks to famous guitar licks, so supple she discovered herself
She was always on show and boy could she go, ask her boyfriends the ones that survived
Her engagements were short, the boys she’d contort, leave them trembling and barely alive

She loved entertaining ..

She became a beauty , her black hair touched her booty, flowing all down off her back
But her act became stale and she began to fail, she seemed to be losing her knack
Her act was the same, perhaps it was tame, her audience started to throw food
So she spiced up her act, and started to attract , by doing her show in the nude

She loved entertaining ..

She became the top stripper and no one could pip her, she was always top of the chart
To win the Turner prize, she opened some eyes, in an Aviary, they said it was art
With a black panther as well, some said it was swell, some said she was only a hussy
But most of the men, quite contented by then, went to see the great tits and black pussy.

She loved entertaining ..

But contortion soon brought on the arthritis, and the pain and the fame got too much
There wasn't much call for a non contorting contortionist, especially one with a crutch
Sadly Wendy stopped Bending, it’s nearly the ending and passed away only last week
She once was so trendy but now it’s the endy of Wendy Bendy the freak.

She loved entertaining ..

Why! (Glynne Davies)

Em C Bm C
Why do Wars exist in this modern age
Em C D Em
Why is killing part of the politicians rage
G D C Em
Why do we think this war will end all wars
Em C D Em
Why do leaders of countries break all of their laws

G D C Em
War is legal murder, Why should this be
Em C D Em
If I commit a murder I don’t expect to be free

Why is the power of the leader often misused
Why’s ’An Eye for an Eye’ often confused
Why do we think the smart bombs target as it hits
Why don’t we think, it blows people to bits.

Why do we over produce ammunition and guns
Why do mothers have to weep for the loss their sons
Why do religions create, hatred and fear
Why do they pray and shed their false tear

Why do they say, this always will be
Why are the laws different for country and me
Why tolerate war, the killing and genocide
Why give the fanatics, excuses for suicide

Why not a law of the Earth as well as a law of the land
Agreed by nations, religions, surely not difficult to plan
Where the world court solves disagreements and lays down the law
And stops the need for bloodshed, destroying, killing and war

Unlike John Lennon’s Imagine this is not just a dream
It’s possible NOW!, to start on the scheme
It will take some time to develop, The Earth Law
But at least we wont have to say it’s a War to End War

The Search Glynne Davies

Dm7 E7 four times
Am F
It’s all that I want now
G Am
Its’ What I’ve waited for
G Em
I searched all my life for this
Bm D
I need more and more
F Am
As time passes, you get wiser
F Dm7 G
Understand where it is at
C Am
Now I understand the question
F Dm7 G C
The answer and all that

Em F
I have looked all over
Em F
I have searched all around
Em F
I have looked all over
And now I have found

Opportunity for contentment
Tranquillity of knowing
Peaceful thoughts in which it brings
All around by body flowing
It has taken so long to find it
Discover for myself
This surely is the answer
Not available off the shelf
I wish I knew a little earlier
This concept of the mind
Time develops understanding
Leaves learning well behind.

She Did’nt Answer me at All Glynne Davies


Am Em
I met her in the winter time
Valentines day, we got on fine
Am Em
I fancied her, I think she fancied me
A day to remember in good company

Bm Em
I was waiting for her call
Bm Em
She did’nt answer at all
Waiting for her message
Em Am
She did’nt answer me at all


She said she was’nt on the phone
And I was feeling all alone
I wrote a letter which I did send
Not hearing was hard to comprehend


Still not a word, did she have a phone
I checked BT, did she live alone
The post code was wrong on my first letter
So I wrote another, made me feel better


Times passed now but still no reply
She has my address, phone number to try
A dream meeting, please give me a call
Just a dream, was she really there at all

Time to get going Glynne Davies

G D Am C
Why do it tomorrow, start right away
G D Am D
Don’t leave it for weeks, start it today
C D Bm Em
The sooner you start, the faster its done
C Em D
So start right away, it may be fun.

C D G Em
Time to get going, before its too late
Time to get going tonight
C D G Em
Time to get going, before its too late
C Em D
You know the feeling is right

Don’t avoid the issue or put it on hold
Expedite it now and do what your told
Laziness can kill so get off your arse
If seeking love, make that first pass.

Work hard and achieve so much more in your life
Make everyone happy, especially the wife
Build for the future, a tomorrow with flare
So you can sit around in your favourite armchair

So what you waiting for, give it your all
Get cracking and put another brick in the wall
Lay your foundations and plant all your seeds
Dig over your garden and remove all the weeds

Memory Lane Glynne Davies

I drive along a country lane and my thoughts are again with you
Why does this road effect me so, what makes your face come to view
You have never been along this road as far as I am aware
If it’s not the past that jogs my mind, perhaps I see the future there.

We’re the best of friends when we meet up, four times every year
To say I miss you when your not around , is understated here
Am G C F
I think I’m in love, I miss you so, I plan to see you more
When I drive along that country lane , it opens that memory door.

It does not matter which way I drive, up the lane or down
The memories it conjures up are simple quite profound
One hundred miles between you and I, but on that lane we’re close
I’ll even go out my way to drive the lane when I’m missing you most.

The road is full or twists and turns, by farms and through a wood
What makes this road so special to me is not fully understood
Some mystic power turns my thoughts to you, flooding through my brain
I think it is a glimpse of the future, on my special memory lane.